I’m sure most brands have thought about expanding to Asia at least once.  Whether you had it as a topic at a management team meeting, chatted about it at the coffee machine or were just daydreaming about the Asian markets, you must’ve done it at least once. And it makes sense, as it’s a very appealing thought that the great markets in the East are still waiting to be conquered by you and your brand. To me, that thought sparks a lot of enthousiasm and energy to work with you and turn this thought into action. Drop an email at info@up-distribution.com to take your thoughts to the next level.

Christiaan Meeuwisse, Managing Director

If you as a brand have the ambition to expand internationally the first step will be to determine which market to enter and how to approach this. As most companies choose western countries to start this is mostly because they think the road to Asia is too challenging. Up Distribution is specialized in finding the right customized way to establish your brand in these exciting markets. Our young and fully energetic team is here to help you  achieve  success abroad. Feel free to contact me for more information.

Welcome to Asia, with a population of 4.2 billion people the Asian economy boasts some of the most successful enterprises in past few decades. Asian countries have managed to establish an exciting foreign currency reserve and it would contribute a copious amount to the global output to the future of the economic benefits. The Asian economy is forecasted to be larger than the EU and USA combined by the 2030s, our team at up-distribution will take forth a grand step to work together with your brands and to establish a beneficial relationship for the business in Asia. Come join hands with us and let us move forward.

Premnath Jayakaumar, Commercial Director

Fluent in Mandarin and in love with everything related to China, which luckily is quite a lot these days!


I've lived in Shanghai and Beijing for nearly 4 years and am now addicted to the chaos that all of Asia has to offer. For chaos provides opportunity. 


Get in touch and learn about the possibilities for your brand in this part of the world.

UP Distribution is the result of a collaboration between two Dutch and one Sri Lankan entrepreneur. For many years the three of us had been doing business as separate partners. We worked together to bring products of all sorts and categories from Europe to Asia. 

In order to smoothen our operation we decided to bundle our expertise and form one solid bridge for other companies to benefit from. This meant not only a merge of offices, but also a merge of cultures and networks. Together as one, we cover entire Asia. Either through our own offices in India, Sri Lanka, China and Hong Kong, or through our partners with whom we’ve built deep and longstanding relationships.

The UP Distribution team is young, international and ambitious. Some team members were born in Asia, others call it their favorite travel destination and a few have spent several years of their life living and working in that part of the world. Whatever the reason, the conclusion is always that every member of our team is ambitious and passionate when it comes to Asia. 

Having this natural interest and the possibility to express that in our career endeavors results in a highly energetic and efficient team. Work has become more than just a paycheck, it is our personal choice of life and we are eager to show you why.