We take care of the entire chain.

From the doorstep of your warehouse all the way to the customer’s hands in Asia. Just one point of contact for every step along the way.

UP Distribution, efficiently and accurately raising your targets. 

Market ​Research

Let our local offices do the research for you. We know the market and already have the right connections. Save time and money, get better answers. Start your export venture well prepared. 



Identify the gap and know how to utilize it.

A different market means different regulations. We find out exactly which rules are applicable to your business and inform you up front. So that you can make the necessary changes and prevent being faced with high costs instead of high profits.

Legal ​Compliances



It’s never the most fun part, but always a must. We get your product compliant with local regulations and ready to market. 


We can take over all responsibility for your product. From the doorstep of your warehouse all the way to the country of choice in Asia. We have long standing relationships with our freight forwarders and are certain to get you the

best deal.


From your warehouse to its destination in Asia; Transported, imported, cleared and ready for the next step.

Your stock is your value. It’s the pillar where your whole export venture depends on, so naturally it deserves a great deal of care. No matter the requirement, we make sure it’s stored safe and under the right conditions.



Safe, secured and ready for business. Just like your own premises.

UP Distribution is a young and innovative team and we are proud of that. Just like you are proud of your brand and its values. We understand that like no other. We combine both our strengths to form a marketing strategy that stays true to your brand’s core values and simultaneously falls in line with the Asian mindset. Success guaranteed.



The most crucial part. Adjust your strategy to local trends in order to make your brand a success in this new market. 

Asia is well known for its inventive ways to supply its markets and customers, but finding the right partner for your product can be a painstaking process. Local knowledge is essential.



We know the local transporters and which one meets your requirements.


Whether it’s through the giant e-commerce platforms or the tucked away niche retailer on the corner of the street, your point of sales will determine the outcome of your success in Asia. We help you define your target group in Asia and place your product in their daily life. We lower the threshold, we raise the sales.


Make sure your target group finds your product. Even if they are not looking for it.

After ​Sales​

Having customers far away means that you are less in control of their product experience. It is essential that they are and stay satisfied, especially after purchase. They are your ambassadors for more clients, so they deserve great care. Our local staff can immediately respond to any queries that arise and deal with it according to your instructions.



Always keep your customers happy, especially if they are on the other side of the world.

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